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FTPSessionItem Class Reference

#include <ftpsession.h>

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Detailed Description

Store pure-ftpd session data grabbed from an XML structure.

Claudiu Costin <claudiuc@kde.org>
ftpsession.h,v 1.7 2003/07/23 23:11:50 claudiuc Exp

Definition at line 33 of file ftpsession.h.

Public Types

enum  Status {
  Idle, Download, Upload, Error,

Public Member Functions

QString account ()
unsigned long bandwidth ()
unsigned long long current_size ()
QString file ()
 FTPSessionItem (int percentage, pid_t pid, Status state, unsigned long time, unsigned long bandwidth, unsigned long long resume, unsigned long long current_size, unsigned long long total_size, const QString &account, const QString &file, const QString &host, const QString &localhost, const QString &port)
 FTPSessionItem (const FTPSessionItem &item)
 FTPSessionItem ()
QString host ()
QString localhost ()
int percentage ()
pid_t pid ()
QString port ()
unsigned long long resume ()
Status state ()
unsigned long time ()
unsigned long long total_size ()
 ~FTPSessionItem ()

Private Attributes

QString _account
unsigned long _bandwidth
unsigned long long _current_size
QString _file
QString _host
QString _localhost
int _percentage
pid_t _pid
QString _port
unsigned long long _resume
Status _state
unsigned long _time
unsigned long long _total_size

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