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FTPSessionItem::FTPSessionItem ( int  percentage,
pid_t  pid,
Status  state,
unsigned long  time,
unsigned long  bandwidth,
unsigned long long  resume,
unsigned long long  current_size,
unsigned long long  total_size,
const QString &  account,
const QString &  file,
const QString &  host,
const QString &  localhost,
const QString &  port 

Make a new FTP session item from parameters values

percentage upload or download session completion as percent
pid pure-ftpd server process PID which manage this session
state type of current session
time elapsed time from the moment when user connected
bandwidth transfer rate for current upload or download operation
resume byte position from which user restarted the transfer. It's 0 if not restarted.
current_size amount of bytes transfered so far
total_size size for uploaded or downloaded file
account user account is set only after authentication
file current transfered file name
host host name from which FTP connection was made
localhost where the pure-ftpd server is bind to serve current session
port where the pure-ftpd server listen to serve current session

Definition at line 40 of file ftpsession.cpp.

                _percentage(percentage), _pid(pid), _state(state), _time(time),
                                            _resume(resume), _current_size(current_size),
                _file(file), _host(host), _localhost(localhost),

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