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KPureftpdScript Class Reference

#include <kcmpureftpdscript.h>

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Detailed Description

Generate startup scripts for pure-ftpd.

It generate startup control scripts for pure-ftpd based on XML templates and user choosed options. For this are used script templates which contain the startup script filled with parsable options like @PUREFTPD@, @OPTIONS@ etc. There are other attributes needed: line terminator, option seperator, sugested name for output script etc. The first and second enumerated attributes are used to organize generated pure-ftpd command line in a more pleasant and readable form. Script template are organized in a tree-like view where roots are script template type: standalone or superserver.

Claudiu Costin <claudiuc@kde.org>

Definition at line 56 of file kcmpureftpdscript.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual const KAboutData * aboutData () const
int buttons ()
void defaults ()
 KPureftpdScript (QWidget *parent=0L, const char *name=0L)
void load ()
QString quickHelp () const
void save ()
virtual ~KPureftpdScript ()

Protected Slots

void slotAddPref (ScriptPref data)
void slotAuthAdd ()
void slotAuthDelete ()
void slotAuthListChanged (QListViewItem *item)
void slotAuthMethodChanged (int index)
void slotAuthModify ()
void slotAuthMoveDown ()
void slotAuthMoveUp ()
void slotAuthType (int index)
void slotConfigChanged ()
void slotEditPref (ScriptPref data)
void slotOutputSave ()
void slotScriptAdd ()
void slotScriptDelete ()
void slotScriptEdit ()
void slotScriptListChanged (QListViewItem *item)
void slotScriptListDClicked (QListViewItem *item)
void slotScriptListRMB (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos, int column)
void slotScriptRevert ()
void slotScriptSave ()
void slotTabChanged (QWidget *widget)

Private Member Functions

bool canWriteFile (const QString &f)
void getGui (GuiData &g)
void loadScripts ()
void loadTemplates ()
QString parseOptions (ScriptItem &s)
void setAuthEditButtons ()
void setAuthMoveButtons ()
void setGui (const GuiData &g)
void setScriptChanged (bool b)
void setScriptEditButtons ()

Private Attributes

KConfig * config
int debug
QStringList facilitylist
bool guiDataChanged
bool isSettingGui
KListViewItem * itemOrphans
KListViewItem * itemStandalone
KListViewItem * itemSuperserver
ListMap listMap
QStringList logfmtlist
QPixmap modifiedIcon
QString parsedScript
ScriptPref pref
QString saveOutput
Script * script
ScriptTemplate * scriptTemplate
KPureftpdScriptUI * ui

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