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void KPureftpdScript::slotAuthMethodChanged ( int  index  )  [protected, slot]

Set the "authFile" as disabled when the user choose "unix" or "pam" in methods combobox. It also set the editor buttons (Add, Modify, Delete) such that only relevant buttons will be enabled.

index is the position of selected item in "authMethod" combobox

Definition at line 926 of file kcmpureftpdscript.cpp.

References script, and ui.

Referenced by KPureftpdScript(), slotAuthListChanged(), and slotAuthType().

  index=index; // shup up GCC

  if (script->authMethods()[ui->authMethod->currentText()] == Script::NoPath) {
  } else if (script->authMethods()[ui->authMethod->currentText()] == Script::WithPath) {
  } else {
    kdFatal() << "slotAuthMethodChanged: unknow AuthMethodOption" << endl;


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