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QString KPureftpdScript::quickHelp (  )  const

Return rich text help shown in KControl "Help" tab

Definition at line 1418 of file kcmpureftpdscript.cpp.

    return i18n("<h1>PureFTPd Script Generator</h1> <p>This module allow you to generate <b>PureFTPd</b> "
                "configuration files and startup shell scripts. These are made based on script templates "
                "and settings you choose in the graphical interface. For system administrators which manage "
                "many FTP servers, the \"Script Manager\" is a very handy tool to keep things organized.</p>"
                "<p>As with every program which act as server, you should be very carefull when set options "
                "that can compromise system security where FTP server is running.</p>"

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